We like to think that A Gift Card FOR Cardiff is a little different to other gift cards – it’s not just a cash substitute, it’s not just the gift of shopping (which is a pretty fine gift anyway if you ask us), it’s actually the gift of exploration and experience, the gift of the hidden secrets of the city, the gift of the capital city of Wales.

Admittedly that sounds a little dramatic, let’s explain.

Your average gift card belongs to one shop which is fine – if you’re sister likes to shop in Zara buy her a Zara card. Then again, in a years’ time will she remember what she bought with her Zara card from you and what she bought from Zara online one Wednesday evening after a couple of glasses of wine?

You have your wider gift cards, for shopping centres, for restaurant groups, for the theatre, but still – you know what you’ve got when you’ve got one. I know where the theatre is, I don’t need to explore.

When you give someone A Gift Card FOR Cardiff sure they might spend it in Wally’s Deli on the same kind of pâté they always buy but there’s a good chance they won’t. When you open up your gift card your pointed to our website and you look at a map of Cardiff with its blue pins in independent businesses and think, ‘I didn’t know about that.’

A Gift Card FOR Cardiff can be the gift of Cardiff Castle or Escape Reality, something truly entertainment focused for those of us with more than enough stuff already.

It can be the gift of cocktails in Chapel 1877.

It can be the gift of a Wales Rugby shirt from Shop Rugby – even if it was a present from your English uncle.

But mainly, and we think most importantly, it can be the gift of finding a little corner of Cardiff that you didn’t know was there.