Summer is flirting with the city. We had a whole sunny weekend when Wales filled up with awkward sun tans and sales of fruit cider went through the roof, we’re sure summer will be back again at some point- we’re just not quite sure when.

Fortunately any money you load onto A Gift Card FOR Cardiff stays there for a year so even if you have to wait a few weeks a months you can still splash your cash when the sunshine comes back around.

Mill Lane

When it’s a sunny day outside the FOR Cardiff office we have an after work chant of ‘to Mill Lane!’ Visit the area on any sunny day and it is clear to see that it is the city’s favourite spot for an al fresco glass or two and happily various Mill Lane venues like Pitch, Peppermint and Retro are a part of our indie gift card programme.

Science Cream

I first remember liquid nitrogen from an episode of HOW 2. A banana was dipped into a misty swirling tank of the stuff and when it came out someone used it to hammer a nail into a piece of wood. Now we’ve got better, tastier uses from the super chilly gas – making fresh ice-cream in an instant. Not only is this super summery its just good fun.

Cardiff Castle

That’s right – you can use your gift card to pay the entrance fee to the Castle. After you’ve paid once, if you’re a Cardiff resident, then you can grab yourself a Castle key meaning you can come and go as you please! Summer is the time for tourist attractions, especially for being a tourist in your own city. In fact you could pick up a frozen treat from Science Cream and pop over to enjoy it in the grounds!

The way you spend your cash doesn’t have to be seasonal of course – there’s no right or wrong time to visit Escape Reality to solve a locked room mystery or pop into Magic & Mayhem for Sirius Black’s wand but there’s something particularly lovely about spending cash on something for the outside when the sun is being sunny.