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We think our gift cards are a great option for anyone who works in the city, not least because you can spend them in so many great lunch spots and everyone knows how much the fact that you’ve got a great lunch waiting for you can spur you on in the morning. £25 is one of the most common values loaded onto our gift cards so we’ve put together a weekly lunch menu in line with that budget.

Monday – Café Atma, curry and rice for £3.50

A vegetable curry ticks the delicious box as well as the good dietary intentions on a Monday box so we suggest you get yourself down to The Capitol Centre for the first lunch of the week. The exact type of curry varies so if you fancy you can keep coming back for a spot of variety – check the specials board for more details and let’s take a minute to appreciate the incredible value of this dish, absolute bargain!

Tuesday – Waterloo Tea, soup of the day served with organic bread for £6

We’re sticking with the healthy eating vibe for day two – we can’t claim to know what the soup of the day will be in Waterloo Tea’s Wyndham Arcade branch but we do know that it will be delicious. Waterloo Tea weren’t voted Cardiff’s favourite business in the arcades for nothing!

Wednesday – Bomber’s Sanwich House, daily special Inbetweener for £3.95

If you haven’t visited Bomber’s yet then what on earth are you waiting for? The queue stretching out the door every lunch time shows just how delicious their food is – the menu changes everyday so check their Facebook page for the up to date information and then choose your salad and your sauce to complete the offering – we recommend visiting on a day with the Spicy Mexican Chicken and pairing it with absolutely LOADS of salad and some spicy mayonnaise!

Thursday – The Grazing Shed, The Grazer Box for £5

The Grazing Shed menu is full of all manner of swanky gourmet burgers and you absolutely should give them a try sometime but also stop by on your Hump Day lunch break for the Grazer Box – that’s a burger (beef, chicken or veggie) and fries for just five of your finest Welsh pounds. Incredible.

Friday – The Philharmonic, The Philharmonic Sandwich Menu for £4.95

Do we normally condone going to the pub for lunch on a workday? Maybe not, but on a Friday we can let you off, we might even look the other way if you treat yourself to a swift half! The sandwich menu in The Philharmonic may be brief but it’s also delicious The Famous Philly features pan fried steak, shallots, and red peppers all smothered in their philly cheese sauce. Yum!

Remaining balance – £1.60, we’ll be honest, we aren’t too sure what you’re going to do with this £1.60 – maybe you could put it toward some added extras in your Grazing Box or upgrade your salad to fries at The Philharmonic (it is Friday after all) How you spend your change is up to you but either way with A Gift Card FOR Cardiff you’ll be supporting Cardiff’s lovely indie businesses and by association supporting Cardiff which is pretty great behaviour if you ask us!