You've been given the gift of choice

My card has been declined – what happened?

The most common reason for cards being declined is insufficient funds. Unlike many store specific cards our git cards will only work on transactions up to the balance on the card – they will not automatically deduct their value from a more expensive transaction. For example if you want to buy a £50 item but you only have £30 on your gift card you will need to ask the cashier to put though the transaction in separate stages.

It is possible that the business you are trying to spend your card in has had updated software and needs to be reconnected to our network – if you have an issue redeeming your card in any business please contact us by emailing giftcard@forcardiff.com and we will investigate.

Why can I only spend my card in certain businesses?

The aim of A Gift Card FOR Cardiff is to keep spend in the local economy – to make sure that our cards do that we operate what’s called a ‘closed loop’ system. To accept our gift cards a business has to be connected to that closed loop. That said any business in the city centre is welcome to accept the card so if there is somewhere that you’d like to spend your card but can’t then why not mention it in store and encourage them to get in touch with us.

Who are FOR Cardiff?

FOR Cardiff is the business improvement district for Cardiff city centre. We are funded by city centre businesses and we deliver a range of campaigns to make the area more welcoming, vibrant and influential. You can find out more about us and the wide range of work we deliver over on our main website www.forcardiff.com